First of all, check if you really need a visum or not:


It is not easy to enter Europe if you need a VISUM. As an organisation we cannot assist you very much in this. The requirements are severe and we have no authority what so ever to influence the decisions of the Belgian foreign affairs. 

As an organisation we take certain precautions to avoid needless effort. Therefor these rules apply unnegotiable:

  1. Registration with a VISUM needs to be completed before 31/12/2023. No participants who require a VISUM will be admitted after that date. There is just insufficiant time to apply for a VISUM after that date and we cannot expedite the process. (We have tried and failed)
  2. As a participant with a VISUM requirement, airport transportation and hotel from our organisation is mandatory! You will be asked to provide prove that you can finance your stay anyway, we can only provide that with our partners.
  3. All fees need to be payed in full before 31/12/2023! Only after complete payment will we draft the necesary documents for your VISA application.

As an organisation we can only provide the documents which are marked in blue in the following list. You need to secure all other documents and requirements yourself! If you think that is impossible, don't start the progress.

If you meet all this criteria and you're VISA is still refused (which is entirely possible), we will repay the ammount you payed to us minus 150€ for administrative purposes.


VISA C - Sports and Cultural Visa

This visum allows you to stay and travel within the Schengen territory as stated on your visum. You may enter the Schengen territory as a visitor, but you are not allowed to take up work. 

Required documents:

1. A valid travel document (passport) in which a visa can be affixed. This travel
document must be valid for 15 months minimum. 

2. An online VOW visa application form correctly filled in and signed together with two
recent color passport photos bearing a true likeness to the applicant.

3. Copy of the identity page of your passport

4. Introductory letter from your club/company explaining the purpose of travel and how
the expenses of the trip will be covered

5. Proof of employment/income of the applicant:
- if employee: letter of appointment, leave letter, salary slips of the last 6
months+ bank statements of the account of the last 6 months where your
salary comes in
- if retired: proof of retirement + bank statements of the account of the last 6
months of the account where your pension comes in
- if you are an owner of a business: all documents relating to the company (Tax
Clearance Certificate/Memorandum of Articles of Association/Certificate of
Incorporation of a Company/Certificate of Registration/Personal Income
Certificate), letter of introduction and bank statements of the last 6 months
(personal & business).

6.A signed invitation letter from a Club/Organization in Belgium. This letter should
state clearly the purpose of the trip, how the expenses of the trip will be covered and
the duration of the trip.

7. If you are sponsored by someone in Belgium, you should provide:
The original formal obligation/guarantee form (= tenlasteneming /prise en charge) from
local administration of the host with its annexes as mentioned below:
- salary slips of the last three months of your guarantor and/or most recent
income tax decision (if the person is self-employed/independent)
- an attestation of family composition of the guarantor (from local administration of
- copy of identity card or residence permit of the guarantor (front and back).

--> but you are not, so this does not apply!

If you are a student: school attestation confirming your absence for that period and
if you are below the age of 21 years, parental consent (from both parents) sworn
before a notary, allowing you to travel to Belgium + birth certificate.
If you are travelling with only one of your parents then a sworn affidavit before a notary
from the other parent allowing you to travel together with a passport ID page copy of
both parents are mandatory. The proof of income of the parents will have to be
submitted as supporting documents. (see point 5)

--> Even if you are a student, this does not apply because the purpose is a sport VISA.

8. Flight booking/reservation.

9. A hotel booking for the period of your stay.

10. Copy of private travel insurance of the visa applicant and covering a minimum of
30.000€ medical costs for a minimum period of 3 months. Please refer to the list of
recognized local insurance companies via following link:


extra information:

Most consulates will require prove that you are indeed an international fighter who has a reason to visit our event. A portfolio of your carreer as a karateka (with certificates of grades) and prove that you have participated in other international events will help a great deal. If you cannot provide that, the chances that you will be flagged as an economic refugee are very high and a VISA will be refused.



Since the processing time differs from case to case, it is advisable to apply in advance. In any event, the processing time will be at least 14 working days. In case the visa application has to be submitted to the Home Office in Brussels, the processing time will be approximately an additional four (4) working weeks. The verification of the submitted documents can delay or impede the issuance of the requested visa. These delays depend exclusively upon the organization that issued the documents and how responsive they are to queries.

--> This takes a minimum of two months, sometimes more!

When entering the Schengen territory, the Immigration Authorities may want to see
any of the above-mentioned documents and/or proof of sufficient funds. If you cannot
provide these, you risk being sent back with the next flight, since you do not meet the
conditions to enter the Schengen territory any more.

Any false statements or documents will lead to your application being rejected. Please
note that an incomplete file may lead to a visa refusal.

If you stay at a hotel, a legally required daily provision of at least 95 Euros per day
should be at your disposal (on top of the daily hotel charges).

If you stay at a private residence/house a legally required daily provision of at least 45
Euros per day should be at your disposal

--> You are staying in a hotel! So the first applies.

You must report your arrival to the municipal administration of your place of residence
within 3 days of your arrival in Belgium, unless you are staying in a hotel. The
municipal administration will give you an arrival declaration form (Annex 3). This
document indicates the date on which you must leave the SCHENGEN territory.
A complete file does not either guarantee the issuance of a visa. Additional
documents may be required to substantiate your visa request.

--> You are staying in a hotel for three days, so this does not apply.